Thank you, Driver of the Yellow Truck

Today, I was in a hurry after school. I had to take M* to the doctor's office and there was barely enough time to drive from my house to the office. And yes, I was going about 10 miles over the speed limit.

And as I was driving, a yellow truck/jeep in the other lane was flashing his brights. At least I thought he was. Then I thought maybe it was something else. But I slowed up all the same. And around the next corner was a speed trap.

Now, I've never had a driving ticket...and I certainly don't want one now.

So thank you, Driver of the Yellow Truck!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

An interesting tradition, usually it's truck drivers that do it for each other but on occasion I've done it too for other cars after passing a police car that is waiting to catch someone...we could use that kind of warning in all kinds of situations.