From monkeys to Ewoks...

A couple of weeks ago, I started sewing this year's Halloween Costumes. Well, first back it up...I had to figure out what everyone was going to be for Halloween. Take E for example. He wanted to be a pirate. (I had made an awesome red corderoy Captain Hook costume years ago.) Then he started changing his mind. Each time I asked, he would tell me something new.

C wanted to be a jedi/starwars character. Of course, so did E. I was afraid that it would be too much work to make 2two Jedi costumes. So I convinced E that being an Ewok would be awesome. Luckily, he loves his mama too!

In 2004, C wanted to be a monkey. So I made a monkey costume. He loved it. Wore it for years. In fact...still wears it when he wants to dress up to this very day. Luckily he is scrawny enough that it still fit him. Only now, it comes to his knees instead of his ankles. haha.

So I decided that I would remove the monkey tail and create my own idea of an Ewok tail..since I could find nothing on Ewok tails on the internet. Then I had a scrap of material to fashion "hood" that Ewoks wear without fail. And you know they have to carry their tailsmans and magic rocks...so I fashioned a pouch for him to wear around his neck.

At first E wasn't going to have anything to do with it. He wanted to "be a monkey next year." And if I cut off the monkey tail... You get the picture. But I (and the fabric cutter at Joanns) assured him that I could remove and replace the monkey tail quite easily. And so...here is our Ewok!

(Not another sideways picture...so sorry!)

An Ewok...sneaking around...looking inquisitive!

Next up...We've got spirit! Yes we do!!


Great Grandma Lin said...

looks fun. I remember when my sons wanted to make their own costumes. One was wrapped as a mummy, Daniel used a cardboard box to make a robot. I'll have to post the photo-it was pretty fun. Halloween does bring out the creativity in kids and the fun of dressing up now if we could just do away with all the candy!!

wispy willow said...

Cute little guy in that fun costume!! Good job mpm!! It's probably not a very nice thing to say... but, I threw confetti from the rooftop the day I realized I would never have to make another Halloween costume. I don't know why I never liked making them... but I didn't. Heck! I never even liked the costume parade at school... and sometimes I didn't enjoy handing out the treats all that much either. At least not after about 5:00. All the really cute little munchkins had been at the door by then and the rest of the night was filled with loopy 8 to 18 year olds. We always loved doing "Witchalena"... and we would take the kids in their costumes to deliver rice crispie and treats and tell stories to the old folks homes... that was fun. They really liked seeing the kids all dressed up and having young visitors some time other than Christmas.

In respect to Lin's candy concerns,
I had the wierdest children on Planet Earth when it came to treats. They still had Halloween candy left when it was time to hunt for their Easter Baskets. Especially Cordell, They would rather hoard it than eat it. Other than fine chocolates (specifically carmels) for Chandelar, and Swedish Fish for Cordell...my children still don't care much for candy. Is that just wierd?