Big Game...

Saturday was the "Big Game" for soccer. And I was worried. Of course, it was pretty much just all in my head. But we were playing a team who was coached by last seaon's assistant coach's husband. Make sense? haha. Last year, Coach Frankie switched teams to help me out and she was seriously "Mrs. Soccer." Even played on a local league. I didn't understand why she didn't step up to be the regular coach. (Honestly she had her hands full with a couple of kids and a hubby who worked out of town a lot.) And well, I was new and admittedly intimidated too.

But then this season, her DH stepped up to coach. And he's Mr. Soccer. (You like the nick names I have in my head? haha) And their son is quite the player too. And I was dreading playing them...I know, I know..it's all in my head...I admit it.

Leading up to the Big Game, I knew that two of my players were going out of town. That would leave us with only one substitute. Then, just before our game, my co-coach informed me that we were out three players. That meant our team of 7 was now a team of four. And four is number of players on the field at a time. Thus NO SUBS. My little Wild Cats would have to play the entire game.

Amazingly enough...they were fabulously great. Everyone rotated through a quarter in the goalie position. No one complained. Everyone kept their energy up. E* got the one and only goal for the game. The only goal for my team and theirs!

Which means...WE WON! (Doing the happy dance now!!) Of course, yes, the leagues rule is there is no keeping score. But everyone does it. The kids, the coaches and the parents.

WE WON! With hard work, strong wills and no complaining. Way to go Wild Cats!

(Pix to come later when I get some from the co-coach! haha)

Last night, C had a make up soccer game. For the entire first half, he did a great job as a goalie. Saved many balls and only let one into the net. As a running player, he made a superb assist for a goal. Even his coach came over and high-fived me!

Soccer rocks...and my boys are definitely getting their vitamin D during practice!

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Lin said...

way to go, we all like to win and keep score...especially when its out kids.