Conversation at dinner...

E: "Mom, are Hawaiian haystacks healthy?"

Mom: "Yes, E*."

E: "They why don't you make them all the time?"

Mom: "We eat them several times a month already E*. But we haven't had them in a while."

A Conversation before dinner...as I was cooking it...

C: "Are you making Oriental Pepper Steak?"

Mom: "No, C*. Dad doesn't like it so I am not going to cook it any more."

C: "Well, I love it!"

Mom: "Well, Dad works hard and needs to eat what he likes."

My boys have their favorites!


Great Grandma Lin said...

that is funny, i can just hear the next comment...but that isn't fair! lucky dad who gets to eat what he likes. guess that why you grow up and get married! Too funny. if you keep this blog, you can read it to your kids one day when they are adults. lol.

Melissa said...

Hi! I am a regular lurker, but had to come out of the shadows to ask -- what are Hawaiian haystacks?

I love your blog! You are so creative - I wish I could figure out how you have the time!