YW cards

I was asked to help out the Young Women at church make some invitations for a Father/Daughter Activity. How can I resist a "legitimate" reason to stamp! Plus, with my finger injury, I was out of commission for a week. Tonight, I whipped up these simple cards as examples for the girls.

Six cards in about 90 minutes is amazingly fast for me! haha. It's pretty late here so the photos are not the best. But they are simple and cute...but hopefully not TOO cute for the girls.


Great Grandma Lin said...

how fun, makes me also want to get my stamping up stuff out and try some cards. i've been making jeweled bookmarks, see my blog and that's been fun. there's something relaxing about doing things with your hands that makes a product you can look at. i spent a lot of time with words on the computer but that's different and not as artsy. cute cards, i'd like to be in your yw group. love, aunt lin

Susan said...

your cards are adorable...as always. But these poor YW are going to have a difficult time if they can't copy yours exactly. But what fun they will have.

Jen said...

How adorable! I am sure they will love them all and have a hard time picking just one. Nice job for having a week off!