Doodle Factory....Giveaway

I've been using this new (to me) brand of stamps. Starving Artistamps sells a line called Doodlefactory which is so fresh, whimsical and yet very clean images. Not primative as so many other "new" companies sell. I just LOVE all these critters and creatures.

Now, here's our mission. Sign up here on their blog for their stamp giveaway. Should you happen to win it...YOU MUST SEND ME THE STAMPS! haha. You remember the dragon ensemble that I made a couple of days ago...and those awesome robots???

Good luck! You'll be hooked too!

You can win me (hehe) the above set plus TWO sheets of sentiments. I promise to stamp YOU a ton of fabulous cards!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

wow what an offer...but i'm not into fantasy. sorry.