Blue Bird of Happiness

I made a card for today's Ways to Use it challenge...Use birds on your card. It's the latest trend I guess...BIRDS. I liked my last card so well, that I used it again.

I actually really like bluebirds. I've thought about collecting them on occasion...but never do. This year for my mom's bday, I found a super great Jim Thorpe figurine with bluebirds on it. But I let me sister, whose nickname is J-Bird, give it to my mom. Oh, I just remembered my sister Cara gave me these for my bday last year:

So...I AM already collecting! haha Thanks Cara. That's probably the best way to collect. So things are special. I did buy a christmas ornament a couple of years ago that was a bluebird of happiness...I'll have to dig it out and snap a shot.

Well, it's to be a scorcher today. I am picking up some friends and we'll spend a day at the pool....though I need some pool snacks. Tuesday we swam at their pool...and they were much more prepared than we are right now. Off to scavenger!


QuiltNut Creations said...

great card Dawn!

Great Grandma Lin said...

fun to collect things. i used to collect frogs, figurines and stuffed one that's after my prince charming turned into a frog and hopped away...ho ho.

Rochelle W said...

Your bluebird grid card is super cute. I love bluebirds too. Well, any bird actually.