Right now...I have 9 kids here...and if you count the 3 that left at noon...I've had a total of 12 kids here throughout day. haha. And it is not even 2:30 pm yet!

Since everyone is blissfull playing...hehe...I decided to try my hand at the Saturday Challenge...Inspiration. I have never done it before. Here is the picture/advertisement that we were given to be inspired by:

Here is my card in which I used the grid technique. Now...I must go stock up the freezer with more icee pops...hoping that there was enough for them to begin with!


Great Grandma Lin said...

sounds like a full day of activity and some creativity also. we decorated graves and then had an open house.

Elley said...

Wow Dawn, job well done. You are so good at matching colors. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Woman!! 12 kids?!!! You are NUTS!! (hehe)
I like your card.....great job on the inspiration challege