Top O the Morning to You!

Just getting ready for St. Patty's day...like the new template? hehe.

But while we wait, here are some Christmas cards that I designed over the weekend. I'm behind in the "10 a month challenge." Mostly b/c I don't want to make 10 of the same card. So here I've made 2 of each. (Though the Moose was cute enough for me to make 4!)

Last night I made a few of these "PickUp" cards. Pull the ribbon and the truck moves across the card. They will be for some friends and family who have recently undergone surgeries.


Great Grandma Lin said...

wow, I'm so impressed with your cards and new layout. tell me how you change your background. your mom tried to explain but i didn't get it and i'm supposedly teaching a class on blogging at the end of this month for other retirees that want to be creative. thanks, aunt lin

ElyBlair said...

Great card modifications. Love it!

Susan said...

those are adorable cards. I love the boat one with the Christmas tree...reminds me of the men who sail the seas. or lakes, and add a tree to the top of one of the stacks. Saw that a couple of times on ships sailing up the Black River. Loved the idea, hated that they were not with families at Christmas

QuiltNut Creations said...

great cards! love the new blog template