Not so glorious Sabbath

I'm in a black mood. Not only do I have to battle dementors all weekend, I have to battle inconsiderate people too.

We left for church today, battled the icy, rainy roads only to pull into the church parking lot and be told that church was canceled. This happens each and every time. We are lucky if we are only walking out the door when we get a phone call. Seriously, there are people who come to late each and every Sunday, without fail.

I direct the music in church and we are always there early. ALWAYS. Why can't someone call us earlier? The late comers should be notified last. Plus, it only makes sense to leave a little earlier if weather conditions are bad. Though today, we left at about our usual time. I just wish people were more thoughtful.

Then, coming home, Ken decided that he would take some "main roads so that we didn't have to cut through the subdivision next to the chapel." Well...turns out his "main roads" were all the roads that took us south to the highway...he didn't just go around the subdivision. The trip was longer and more dangerous.

AND THEN, we skidded past our house/driveway...down the street. I said we'd get stuck if Ken went into the cul de sac...and we did. So, he backed up and around and I told the kids to start praying. Slowly, we made our way back to our house. Luckily, not skidding into any parked cars on the street.

I sure hope I get a bunch of extra blessings for that trip. I certainly need them.


Anonymous said...

sorry you had such a bad start to your day Dawn. Try to take a deep breath, write down 5 things GOOD about today and enjoy the rest of your day/weekend!

Lin said...

opposition is there in all things, it helps me to remember to "act and not react". then i am in control. this morning i lost my watch and despite my frevent prayers couldn't find it, then i decided to persist and pray again and thought to look in the dirty clothes hamper and there it was with my underwear deposited there last night. hmm...shows that we have to have a trial of our faith before the blessings or answers come. be patient this little trial of getting ready to go to church, it isn't lost on your little ones and also praying for help. you are doing a good job. just need to get an emergency phone tree going in your ward. maybe volunteer to organize it? that's acting instead of reacting.
love ya, aunt lin

Jan Scholl said...

I stayed my butt home and in bed until the hockey game came on. If one drop falls from the sky, I wont go out.

gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

what a bummer day...but you don't get blessings when you get this way. somehow you just have to learn to grin and bear it in silence. and that is so hard....i know this only so well.