Overheard words...

During my high school graduation party, my thoughful boyfriend at the time video taped my family saying words of wisdom to me. It was nice to go back and listen to their words...taped without me knowing it. My mom recorded this:

“A wise old owl sat in an oak, the more he heard the less he spoke; the less he spoke the more he heard; why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?”

So today, I guess I was an owl and I started listening a little bit better. As we were getting into the van after the dentist appointments:

E* to C*: "Do you want to be my brother?"

C*'s response: "I already am your brother!"

(This led into a very short conversation on what it meant to be brothers. C* said it meant 2 boys in a family! haha.)

Tonight I was walking out of Kroger where I was buying some candy and milk. I was behind these two ladies who were slooooowly walking and gabbing. The one was talking about and describing some other lady...calling her "Elvira." The second lady didn't have a clue. The first woman said, "You know, like a vampire." I leaned over and said, "Oh, we had a neighbor like that growing up. We just thought she was witch." And the three of us laughed.

I think I'll be listening more for these encounters.

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Lin said...

you were certainly brave to jump into an overheard conversation and have your comments be accepted...i enjoy listening to conversation of fellow diners when ever we eat out or any where actually in a grocery store. you can learn so much by listening and observing. in fact that's another fun thing to do is just to sit and watch others like in a mall or at an airport and see what you can learn about them and about yourself. kids have a fun way of being totally honest and funny. aunt lin