A blessing in disguise

Last night I braided M*'s hair in double french braids so she could sleep on it, take it out and have some sort of "curl" to her hair. Of course after the struggle of doing it, she decided to just have braids in her hair and took out the ones from last night. I probably mentioned that we'd have to get up extra early to do her hair. (I learned to french braid on my own head...so when I do it on others, it is tricky for me. My hands have learned it backwards or upside down. Not quite sure!)

This morning at 5:45 am on the dot, a little DD came to my bedside wanting her hair braided! haha. I said, it's too early and she crawled into bed with me to wait. At 6:15 am I went to the computer and checked the school site. School was a go. So at 7am, I told her to go get dressed and eat and I'd do her hair. I got up and checked the website one more time...School was CANCELED! Yippeee. haha..

Well, she wasn't happy. It was to be the big blizzard party her class was having for reading 6,000 hours. AND she wanted her hair done.

Personally, I love snow days. I like having the kids home and being with me.

Later in the morning, we went to Meijer which is having a stock up sale. While yesterday I had an Investiture Ceremony for 5 little Brownies, I had 3 brownies helping me do the shopping. There was so much food on sale, that we ended up using TWO CARTS. The kids were so kind, helpful and polite in the check outline that the cashier kept exclaiming how well behaved they were.

When we arrived home, everyone set to work unloading the van. Even when I took time to rearrange the chest freezerin the garage, my little Brownies kept working. They took groceries to the basement, unladed the dishwasher and helped make the SpongeBob Squarepants mac and cheese that we splurged on!

I sure do love my kids!


Great Grandma Lin said...

what a fun leader you are for the brownies...keep up the good work. aunt lin

Susan said...

i love them too!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's the right attitude, M. A girl's gotta look good...even on snow days! :)

Raeanna said...

i signed up through channel 4 for a text to my phone and found out at 5:30a.m.! i am so ready for them to go back to school tomorrow... you are such a great mom! :)