As soon as M* came home from school today, I noticed she had a different pair of pants on than what she wore to school. Turns out, she sat down on the carpet with her class and...RIP...the ripped back to front on the seam. Totally ruined them. (They had this triple seam.) So she was sent down to the office by the student teacher. I asked her how she got down there with a big hole. She said she just covered her bottom with her hands and walked down to the office by herself. I exclained that the pants were way too long for her. She replied, "I was lucky. These are brand new pants they just brought to school. All the other pants would have been too short!"

Good thing the office is prepared for such emergencies!


Great Grandma Lin said...

sounds like she wasn't too traumatized but just adjusted. that's something that never happened to my kids but could have. kids have a hard life and we think we do...aunt lin

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Poor Mckenna! But a funny story to tell later! I once had my pants split too...while I was marching on the football field. You know how old those uniforms were...I think that they just fell apart...knee to crotch! Luckily, I was wearing black spandex underneath. We duct taped the pants until they would be fixed properly!!!