Smells like popcorn

Today's sketch challenge card:

And now...I'm hankering for some hot buttery popcorn. Maybe that will warm up my numb fingers!


Great Grandma Lin said...

well, you may be starting a cross country popcorn craze...sounds so good and i'm hungry for lunch. can you have popcorn with sandwiched since we don't eat potato chips anymore? fun card, my goal today is write a humorous poem, wish me luck. aunt lin

Great Grandma Lin said...

me again, had popcorn for dinner as my hubby was watching and is watching basketball. he loved it and i also made a slush with orange juice, a banana and frozen pineapple juice. it was an easy supper and few dishes- well some dishes but i left them in the sink. i'm gong to publish my humorous? poem that i wrote. aunt lin