Name Updates

Since my last installment on "names," this is what I found out.

My dad chose all the names for the girls in our family. Somehow they decided early on that dad would name the girls and mom would name the boys. This just proves how patient my mom is. She had 4 girls...and then a boy. Wow...she waited 9 years to name a baby! haha.

I on the other hand, pretty much named the my kids. Of course my husband vetoed plenty of great names. But mostly, I got my choice through. (Except for #3's middle name. But even then....We had "named" him Chase Evan once we found out he was going to be a boy. Then when he came out and I got a look at him, I didn't want it to be Chase. So I changed his name. So, I guess in my little family, my husband is patient...at least some of the time! hehe.)

Here's another funny things about what the kids call me. They do call me Mom, Mommy or Mamma...and even Princess Aurora at times. But DS #1, when writing something to me, always addresses me as "Dawn." So this week, he had to fill out a form at school reminding me about parent/teacher conferences. The form said something like: "Dear _____________, " Then it went on and had places to fill in the date and time. But it was worded as if it were coming from the student and the student filled out his name at the bottom. Well, #1 son filled in "Dear Dawn," And his teacher asked me about it. I had to explain that C* is very respectful and always calls me Mom but when he writes me a note, it is always "Dawn." That is just a quirky, fun thing he has always done. (I left out the Princess Aurora thing...too complicated.)

Oh, and one more word about my name. If I had been a boy, my name would be "Nathan Robert." A name that always sounded really great. I just loved any "Nathan" that I met. I thing my parents chose very well! Thanks Robert and Susan...hehe.

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