My new hangout

I used to stalk the daily challenges on Splitcoast. But about a week ago, I found a new place to linger.

"Pay it forward with your gently used stamp sets!"

It's great. Much better than posting a B/S/T list on the site and waiting and hoping to work out a deal with another stamper. You pay so much for stamps and everyone tends to want full "trade value." Full, as in...what they paid for it.

On this thread, you will see a list of what is available for Pay It Forward (PIF). If you want something, just post that you want it. If you are the first person...you get it. PM your information to the stamper and she will mail the stamp set to you for free. Then you must post a list of your own stamps that you are willing to PIF. A new stamper will then choose from your list....and you send them the stamp set.

I have made 7 PIFs so far. No flakers yet! I've received all my sets so far except the one coming from Canada (expected delays) and the one I nabbed yesterday. So far, everyone has been so kind and honest. I am going to make a Thank You card with each PIF set received...and mail it back to the sender. I think that will be a lot of fun!

Other rules are:
*Remember that others are really looking for SU or other "hot" stamp brands.
*All of your offers can not be random "grab bags." And they need to have attached pictures so that others see the stamp images.
*After 8 hours of no grabbing, the last stamper is asked to offer something else.
*Each time you nab, please offer something new on your list. Keeping the lists fresh keeps the game moving!
**NO FLAKERS. If you are a flaker...just don't bother.

I have recieved some fun looking sets. All Wrapped Up is one that I "always wanted, never bought." I snagged Border Builders b/c I thought DD would enjoy it. And now that I see it, I'm going to enjoy it too! I got a rubber mounted CTMH set for my mom...which I thought she'd enjoy.

If you are a stamper, you have sets that you have NO IDEA WHY you bought it. Or you thought it was good and then you and the images didn't click. Here's the place to nab and offer...PIF! (Or just hang out, cheer others on, and have some fun chat time!)

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