A new look.

Do I look good in ORANGE??
PS. Thanks for the help Gremhog!
PPS. Scroll to the very bottom for a new blog game....The only one I was ever really good at back in the day!


Lorie said...

Cute game! I stink at it but it is cute!

kathy said...

I have been MIA and thats not good but just to let you know this is the busy season at work straight thru Christmas so If I dont comment it isnt because I don't come here it is because I don't have time to think...lol. Still love everything you do

Anonymous said...

ok I love the leaves! how do you change your whole background?!

Michelle VP said...

Looks lovely in orange! Love the leaves you have in the background too.

I don't see a game at the bottom - what was it? My kids and I really miss tetris. :)

Rochelle W said...

Orange is totally your color Dawn.

Susan said...

Personally, I like the green background in your pix against the orange of the template. Really stands out. I love the game Burgertime but you could add Tetris for your friend who responded.