First day of Preschool...

Yesterday at dinner, my youngest told me:

"Mom, tomorrow, I want to you drive me to preschool and then leave. Don't stay. Okay Mom?"

With that...I knew there wouldn't be any problem of my leaving him!

We arrived a few minutes early, as did most of the parents, and congregated in the hallway. The teachers came out a little early since it was getting loud with talking and the elementary classes were in session. E* weaved and squirmed his way into the room, as only a 4 year old can...leaving me trailing him and waiting for the time and space so I could get inside the classroom. He hung up his backpack...by himself. We put on a name tag and traced his name and answered the question of the day. I showed him where he could "play." And that was that....he was so absorbed with the gears. I could barely get his attention to look at me and tell me where the potty was...in case he needed to use it.

After that, I went to 3 stores, alone and had plenty of time to wait in the parking lot for his class to be led out of the building.

Needless to say, this new preschooler was pooped out...couldn't eat his lunch he was so tired. After a show and 1/2 on tv, he went upstairs and put himself to bed! Now if only he could do that at night too!

(Pix to come later...check back!)

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Anonymous said...

How sweet Dawn! Sounds like you did okay with the first day too. hee hee