Nice Matters...

Being nice does matter. It is something that I've been thinking about for a while now. I feel like I'm a pretty nice person. Thoughtful, considerate, mostly easy going (as long as you are going my way), helpful, cheerful. Most times, these qualities get over looked in a person. We all like these kinds of people. But do we say thank you to them? No. Usually we are crabbing about the crabby people. Lately, I've been sending more cards to those who are considerate, helpful and cheerful...just because I think that they need to be recognized too!

Last week Jason of I Made This awaraded me the "Nice Matters Award."

Isn't that special! Thanks for the compliment Jason. Now there are plenty of nice people in my life too. Not all of them have blogs but hopefully they will see their name sooner or later here.

I nominate the following for the Nice Matters Award:

1. Will...b/c he has always been a nice guy and deserves an award.
2. Holly aka Toy on SCS b/c she is so generous. She doesn't have a blog that I can find, so check out her gallery here.
3. Michelle aka mybearybest on SCS b/c she is leaves a comment on every single card that I post in my gallery! That sure makes my day too! Here is her gallery. Feel free to show some kindness to her too!
4. Tracy aka tracyltripp of SCS b/c she is a very thoughtful stamper too! She RAKed all the DSS coordinators last month.
5. Billie aka myboys, is another sweetie!

So it would seem that my awards are going to nonbloggers. Trust me, I could list more too. So if you are a blogger and you're nice, feel free to add the award to your blog and consider yourself nominated by me!


Barb said...

Oh sure.. I'm just a big meanie!! ;) (only kidding.) congrats Dawn!

Jen said...

Congrats Lady! You are super nice and this is very fitting.

Michelle VP said...

You certainly deserve a Nice Matters award! :) Thanks for the sweet compliment you gave me too. I love your gallery and seeing what you'll create next.