I'm relinquishing my Nice Matters Award...

Yes, admittedly, it has only been a short time. But like so many political candidates I am going to have to step down. I simply do not feel NICE today. Not nice at all.

So, last June, a few days after school let you, we had a big party. I don't throw silly birthday parties for my kids where other families spend gobs of money on gifts. Actually, their only bday party was last year...for #1 and #2. No..I'm "NICE" and I have nice parties, gatherings, get-togethers where I supply the fun, food and entertainment. We've had Dr. Suess parties, Christmas parties, and now...POKEPALOOZA! It was super fun last year.

Just a party for friends to come play games, win prizes, trade cards, talk shop and eat. There was a trainer sign in...promising to abide by the rules of fairness and niceness. One game was basically a bean bag toss...but the bean bags were made out of pokemon fabric and the buckets had pix of some of the "not so nice" pokemon. A ring toss...to capture a pokemon. Trainers could practice their jumps and leaps in the bounce house. A prize pavillion feataured 2 pinatas filled with treasures. A dig pit (aka the sand box) filled with pennies and glass pebbles that a child would love. A design center for the pokemon crafts...you get the hint.

It was so successful that I promised a POKEPALOOZA 2 this year. Well, our Hawaii trip delayed it...then summer happened and that delayed it. Last year's participants hounded me ALL SUMMER. Low and behold, it is the last week of SUMMER! yikes! So it is scheduled for this Thursday. Drive by my house any where between 10-2 that day and it will look like a Palooza.

Okay...so where does my not being a nice person any more fit in? Well, first off, you wouldn't want to read the long story. It's too long with twists and turns and one unhappy Dawn. But I am not about to stop inviting people to my parties while I am at church. While I will smile through my teeth when a certain lot ____________ come to my house, I will not be having nice thoughts. I do not take kindly to people to think that b/c they are in charge of the _________, they can make up all the rules and that their ____________can have top priority. I do not like being called up on the phone, told that I can't do something b/c someone "got their feelings hurt." And when I ask who it was, am denied the answer. (When basically everyone I knew who liked pokemon was invited to the party.) And then when I do some thinking and make 2 phone calls, find out that it was someone who was ALREADY INVITED. The entire family was invited, but for what ever reason, they thought only one of the kids could come. ALL of our parties invite the ENTIRE FAMILY!

Okay, I'm spitting bullets just typing this. And yes, I'm pointing fingers. It's a KIDS party for crying out loud. Not everyone gets invited to all parties. And if you are so worried about it...why don't you invite my kids to one of YOUR parties!

PS...I would like to categorize this under "Not so amuzing thoughts."

Come back for a "nice" entry tomorrow.

edited b/c life is not fair...fill in the blanks as you wish


Jenny said...

I can see why you are frustrated. I read both posts about pokepalooza, and I must say that you should still keep your nice matters title.
I don't understand why this generation of parents insists on keeping their kids from actually experiencing all aspects of life. We are so busy trying to sheild our children from pain that we fail to teach them valuable life lessons.
Chin up, you are doing something that many parents never do for their kids by having these parties. And in the midst of the frustration your kids will learn how to handle adversity with grace.

Anonymous said...

its all good. my hubbys sister invites their sisters kids to the kids b day parties (and visversa) and doesnt invite my kids :P so I one up ya! lol!

Lissame said...

You know it isn't the kids that you have to be nice about it is the parents!! And just so you know you have every right to feel the way you do, I don't see many parents footing the bill, or bring anything to the party other than their kids to eat your food and drink your juice, but it was suppose to be fun...it always seems that a few can always spoil an event for the many...good luck with your event and remember it is your event not theirs and you have the right to selective invite whom ever you wish!!

QuiltNut Creations said...

that sucks Dawn! i would have felt the same way