Sunday Summary

Okay...I really don't have anything to summarize...haha.

But I wanted to post something. I guess I can say that tomorrow noon is the dead line for the blog candy drawing.

Oh I know what I wanted to ask. I'd love it if you could post a link for your favorite tutorial. I'm looking for a few good ideas of fun/neat things to make. And frankly, I don't really want to spend time looking for ideas. It's summer and my kids need my attention! Oh...and I have a few stamping jobs to do.

Okay...here's good news. I have been leading the music in church for the last few weeks...just a substitute. Today #3 wanted to sit with me on the stand. So I allowed him to do so...he was sitting behind the organ and that helped. I lead 2 songs with some announcements in between and then we sit up there during the passing of the Sacrament. He was very calm and well behaved. Next week, DD wants to sit with me.

I was asked to substitute as choister a year or so ago. DH was home with #3 who was sick. And I asked an older, single lady to sit with us so that when I went up to lead the music, someone was there to watch over my other two kids. But during the closing hymn, my kids walked up and stood beind me and waved their arms around, copying me. It was not cute. Not at all. I have no idea why this grandmother didn't yank them back in to the pew when they got up. Or why no one walked up to sit with them. Even now thinking about it, I am not happy. But those things happen (unfortunately). Enough of the older parents understood. Still...

Today our home teacher came to visit us after church. Lately, the kids do not sit still when we visit with him. So today, I reviewed the rules. "Children are seen and not heard." I explained what that meant and I explained when it would be appropriate for them to talk. DD was perfect. She sat, didn't complain when the adults were talking. DS#1... wanted to interject stories about his pokemon game and whined when I told him he couldn't talk about it. DS#3 was better than usual, but still, wanted to play and cried loudly when I took away the cars.

So tomorrow morning, my sons will help me clean out all the cupboards in the kitchen while their sister plays, watches tv, plays video games...just about whatever she wants to do! Maybe next time, the boys will do better!

Okay...I'm looking forward to seeing some fun links to tutorials or even just pictures from your own blog or gallery!

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Peggy Maier said...

Here's a neat tutorial for the man's shirt & origami necktie card. Instead of just using pictures, Susanna made a video! I have made lots of these cards for Fathers' Day & mens' birthdays - they are always oohed & aahed over! Here's the link to her blog: