Should I stay or should I go?

That is the question...

My mom and her Best Friend are standing in line, at a Meijer store that is at least an hour away from them...waiting to get the final Harry Potter book. They made a night of it. Going to shop and the best store ever...getting the last book of the series...then they are going out to breakfast...at like 1am.

I called her and was told that they are numbers 17 and 18 in line. And that each Meijer store has 800 copies of the book.

So...do I get up and go to Meijer in 45 minutes to get my own copy? Or just wait until the morning? Well, we'll see. It is only 2 miles away from me. Wonder if there is a lot of Potter traffic out there? hehe.

Well...maybe I'll go see which child wakes up the easiest and take them along for a midnight ride. haha...what a story that will be when they grow up!

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Jan Scholl said...

I got mine at 12:03 AM at a Meijers in Flint, MI and was out the door after checking myself out and home 5 miles away in Flushing by 12:20 (hubby was driving!) there were about 250 ahead of me and the cake was gross!