Okay...WE WENT!

First I tried waking up McK*...But she doesn't wake easily sometimes...and this was one of the times. So I tried waking up C*...and that is hard too when he is in a dead sleep. I don't think he was awake...but he got dressed. Then I had to remove his shirt and put it right side out. I told him to go to the bathroom while I brushed my teeth. I came back out...no DS. And found him back in his bed! haha. We hurried into the car and started driving to Meijer. We called Mom and Pam and asked "Where's the party!" They were 17 and 18 in line...did I write that yet? haha.

Half way to Meijer, I asked C* if he was having fun yet. He yawned and said, "Halfway." "Should we turn around and go back home?" "No."

Here is C* holding Book One, which we bougt for him.

C* giving me a smile while squatting on the floor doing a HP wordsearch.

By the time we got into line, it was pretty long. Meijer had some wordsearches and puzzles that we could do. Some temporary tattoos and cake and apple juice. C* opted for the juice b/c he's not a cake eater...just like his Uncle J*. I bet it was about 11:30 when we got into line. After a time, they started making announcesments...that you could only buy one book per person instead of the promised 2 books each. The couple in front of us had driven probably 1.5 hours to go to the Palace at Auburn Hills to see a concert. Thinking there would be no Meijer in the area, they were cheered when they saw our Meijer! So after the concert, they headed on over to get in line! I took a few pix of DS while we waited since we were standing by the giant cut out display. Saw some friends from Church who had come to see what was happening. Got our book...and then went off to go shopping for milk and Prego and a few other things to get us $30 bucks so we could get the book at a reduced price. Isn't Meijer the greatest!

Going home, we stopped at Wendy's for a 1am treat. Only they took the car ahead of us, but not us...told us they were CLOSED! I asked DS if he wanted to go to Big Boys which was open 24 hours. He said it was my choice. No, it's your choice. I can make you pancakes at home. He agreed but wanted them in bed! haha. After getting the groceries (totaling plenty more than $30) into the house, I set to work at flipping some pancakes. He started reading Volume One Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Almost 8 and just starting the series! Then we read for a while and he went to bed. (I of course stayed up a little longer than him...eager to get through the book!)

Mom called this morning and is 100 pages ahead of me. She must not need that much sleep in her old age. haha. I think secretly, b/c I finished Book 6 before she did, she wants to get to the end of Book 7 before me. And at this rate, I'm sure she'll do it! Now...if I can just get to the end before someone spills the beans! I'm so glad I could go with my #1 DS. Harry Potter is such a world wide craze...I"m glad that I could share it with my son. (Boy, I remember standing in the middle of Lake Road one Sunday for Hands Across America.) So even as he is starting on his magical world of HP, he can say that he was there for the big unveiling...in a Meijer store!


Anonymous said...

Our little guys are too little (one and two) so we got a babysitter and wetn down to the local book store and got out copy :) it was a good little date night lol.

Anonymous said...

OH my Happy reading .. I never got in to the H.P books / or movies .. I guess I am the odd man out on this go around .. But happy you all got your copy ..

kathy said...

Great story Maybe you will be the next rawling. Great to hear from you again

michelle sturgeon said...

Great photos!

Renee said...

Zach order the book before he left for his trip but couldn't wait so bought a copy in France! Different cover and almost the same words and he really likes it!