I moosed you...did you moose me?

So, I'm again designing cards, projects and layouts for my upline's annual demo seminar. This is actually my 3rd year doing so. She lets me pick out a couple of sets and supplies/accessories...I give her a bunch of stuff to display or teach to the ladies that attend the all day event.

This year, J* gave me the following sets:
Moose You
Whimsy Wheel
Garden Whimsy
Dots Classy Brass Template
Totally Tabs
Guava and Pomegranite Inks
some paper to match
a bunch of ribbon, pretties pieces, rhinestone brads....

I think that's it! haha.

So, today, I cut them out...and then was stumped...on what colors to use! Hehe. Actually...I take that back...SU retired all their organdy ribbon. And for the seminar, I have to use ONLY CURRENT SU supplies/stamps/ink/etc. I had some ideas in my head...and then the ribbon stumped me. Isn't Organdy a classic supply? Good thing I can still use it for my personal projects.

Ever since I first saw Moose You, I knew I wanted to make the deer into a Reindeer. So here he is:

Also for this set, I cut off the sentiments under the Moose and the Deer. The Porcupine was too close to the words for my comfort level!

While I can't post things on SCS for this event...I might add some of my ideas here. So check back in!


Jen said...

Yes, you were moosed! Glad you're back! This is a very cute card! I've never made a tent topper, but I really need to. This is just too cute! What size is the main card? Do you use a regular envie?

QuiltNut Creations said...

love that moose set. fabulous card!

Susan said...

you are amazing! super card

Corie said...

I love this card. Love that you made a holiday card out of this set.

Corie said...

I love this card. Love that you made a holiday card out of this set.

Renee said...

Perfection again! I love the card!

Becky G said...

Love that moose set and your moose card. Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I love this card! too cute! We went to Wikiki about 5 yrs ago! I even climbed the valcano! it had like over 200 steps! I counted! lol.

Welcome back to the Blog world!

Rose Ann said...

Super cute tent topper card! Love it!

Melinda McMillen said...

sooooo adorable, dawn. great work! i so want this set!!