Fairies are taking over our house

Okay...I admit...I'm probably the one that is fostering this little myth of fairies that come and do and give at our house. A couple of summers ago, we went to Florida. Before the trip, I went to a Disney Store, bought a bunch of souvenirs and packed them to FL with us. Things are cheaper in the store than in FL...in Disney World. I would make sure I was the last to leave our suite. When we would arrive home in the evenings...mysteriously, Tinkerbell had left gifts for us on our pillows! Imagine that.

I detest making the bed. And so if my DH does it when I'm not around, I'll announce to him and the family, that the BED FAIRY came! And made the bed. Can you imagine? It has happened enough times that DD once my my bed and announced that the bed fairy had come and done it.

Then, C* took it into his head that if there are tooth fairies and bed fairies, there must be pokemon fairies. (Did I blog this already?) So I found out, one recent weekend when Ken was out of town, that C* had left a note on his night stand asking the pokemon fairy to please leave some cards for him. He wrote:

"Dear pokemon Fairy,

I am not greedy. I lost over 20 strong Pokemon cards and a mini pack has only 9. I want a mini pack. sinserly, CB*" (I left in the spelling for cuteness. hehe.) When I found out he had left a note...which was the 2nd one...for the pokemon fairy, and I had no way to get to the store without kids b/c there was no husband around, I told him that pokemon fairies are rarer than tooth fairies. So they don't come around every night. The next day was Saturday and I took the kids to the movies. We stopped at the drug store for some candies. Since it was raining, I had them "go into the car with the remote" while I "paid for these candies...I'll be right there." And I whipped out a hidden mini pack of cards. Later that night, with much nervousness, I exchanged the note for the mini pack of cards. Needless to say DS was super happy!

Then today, in the morning before church, I was working on something for Sunday School...we call it Primary...for future reference. And I needed a poster board. When I was looking through my closet, I came across some VW Beetle posters that I had gotten when #1 was a toddler. My kids are bonkers for "Herbie cars" and have to point them out whenever one is spied. So I put a poster on each kid's bed. Sat back down at my work table downstairs. The kids were eating and so I said in my Mommy voice..."when you're done eating, go upstairs and make your beds." That had to be a clue b/c I never or at least almost never ask them to make their beds. McK* found her poster and quickly called her her brothers to go upstairs to see what the CAR FAIRY left them.

Well, I nearly got caught on that one...she was testing me. And whatever answer I gave wasn't the right one. I am pretty sure she knows who these fairies are. But she wants to play and believe in them. So I will. Earlier today, she made a comment about the pokemon fairy. I again said, "There are less Pokemon fairies. They don't come to your house every day." And promptly forgot about it.

A few minutes ago, I thought I'd go to bed. First, I stopped to tuck everyone in bed. My DD was still in her dress and as I helped the sleeping girl out of it...I noticed she had left a note. Spread out on her night stand was about 10 cards. The note read,

"Dear Pokemon card Fairy,

you can trade with me with the cards on this desk. Love McK*"

So, I got out my stash of cards...is she going to recognize my cards? Slipped back into the pig sty of a room...Can there be any more barbies/clothes/things/books/toys on the floor. Prayed that she wouldn't wake up...holding my breath...and made a few trades "with the cards on this desk." I left an extra trainer card...sparkly one...and took the sweet note.

I sure hope there are fairies in Ohio. I already told her that I'm sure there are Hawaiian fairies. Guess I need to get a new deck of Pokemon cards so that they won't catch on to cards they know that I already have.


Michelle VP said...

Way too cute, Dawn! No way am I telling my kids about a pokemon fairy though, hehe!

michelle sturgeon said...

What an amazing tradition to have started, Dawn! I love it! All those notes will be great scrapbook pages, too.

Melinda McMillen said...

lol....that is TOOO funny!!