Cards for Kids

Amongst my possessions, I have a small pile of letters and note cards that I have received from friends through out the years. They have written kind thoughts and compliments which I have cherished. When I get blue, sometimes I reread them to boost my spirits. It's nice to be able to have a tangible remembrance of those past friends too.

While I have sent countless cards to my cyber stamping friends, recently I have decided that I really should be sending cards to people that I know in real life. At church I work with the children in Sunday School. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but I do see such sweet acts of kindness from these kids too.

Today we had a Quarterly Activity of a Summer Fun Fair. Just a fun time, play games, eat lunch. Two of the kids were so loving and kind today that I just had to make a card to send them.

This is for a boy named John who was really kind to grab my DS, E's hand and help him through the Fun Fair. E* was a bit uncertain of the whole activity but John grabbed his hand when assigned as his partner. Said, "Let's go!" And helped E, a little bit younger, through the activities.

This card is for an older girl named Reagan who kindly accepted being partners with a younger and very squirrly boy. I'm sure she would have prefered being partnered with a friend. But showing such kindness and love to another boy was a selfless act which I'm sure will not go unrewarded.

These are simple cards that will hopefully bring a ray of sunshine into a young child's heart. I know that I love it when a friend, or even an aquaintance takes the time to compliment me. I'm certainly glad that I finally bought this soon to be retired stamp set! It'll be perfect for the little ones (and not so little ones) at church.


kathy said...

The more I read your blog the sweeter you are. We are all blessed to have a person like you in bloggerland. I cam\n't thank you enough for all the help you have given me (a total stranger) I can't imagine what you do in your own community. You have earned a place in heaven. Thanks Dawn

QuiltNut Creations said...

what a wonderful thing to do Dawn

Jocelyn Christensen said...

that's right Kathy. Dawn has helped me through this blog deal. I've blogged for some time but never added all the frills. Thanx to Dawn, I have.

Susan said...

obviously a problem with people using my computers when they visit is that they linger as a logged on user. That last comment was NOT from Jocelyn but from me. share and share alike.

Michelle VP said...

So very sweet! I'm sure they loved receiving encouraging comments from you. I have come to the same conclusion recently about sending more cards to people that I know in real life. Thanks for the inspiration. :)