Two wins and a loss...

This weekend was a super big garage time in the area. I pulled out some unused toys from the basement. I sold 2 things and made $17.00. Not too bad...Only problem, one of the things sold was the Little Tykes shopping cart, which I really didn't want to sell. I pulled it out b/c I was trying to sell the kitchen that didn't sell. But DS#3 wants to play with it now. So maybe not all is lost.

But on to the wins. I went to this one garage sale and they had a bunch of post-it note pads with a little Corvette emblem in the upper left. My great aunt and great uncle and their son and DIL race Corvettes. So I picked up a bunch for them...and me. Then the man of the house doubled the amount of pads for the same price. It pays to be chatty.

My loss...one sapphire earring. Probably lost at the same house/garage sale. Looked around for it with the help of the woman there. Even went back tonight and searched up and down the sidewalk/grass. No luck! So if you find the match to this earring, you get a prize!! (Usually, when I lose something, I can offer a prize to the kids. Then I end up finding it myself. hehe.)

One more win to tell you about. Yesterday when I dragged up a bag of unused toys and "treasures" for the garage sale, I came across a pile of Pogs. Those silly cardboard disks that were probably the dumbest and shortest fads of the 90s. So instead of getting thrown in the "Free" box, these Pogs are in a pile next to my monitor. Just as I was about to write this entry, I realized, those pogs could be used as chipboard...no, wait...it's coming...I can use those precut, chipboard circles and make the large clippies! Yes. Another frugal idea to keep me crafting!

So, I am not sure if today's score is really 2-1. I guess I'll have to buy another set of sapphire earrings in the future some day. While I wait, I'll just make scores of giant clippies and post-it note holders!


Lisa said...

Well, call me a wack if you'd like but say a few prayer's to St. Anthony (the patron st of lost objects).. It worked when I lost my engagement ring under the stove. I only looked there about 10 times before I spotted it.

Jen said...

Looks like you made a great score at the garage sales eh! What is a large clippy anyways?

I really hope your earring turns up somewhere.

kathy said...

Sorry about your earrings but great thought on the clips....wish I had kept my pogs now. Maybe a prayer to st anthony would help you find the earring

Jana Weaver said...

Sorry about the earing...but great idea with the Pogs!!

And yes, your husband is correct. All nouns in German are capitalized. Makes it a little easier when reading to know which word is a noun! ;-)


April Hall said...

What a great deal at the sale! You have inspired me to dig out MY old pogs and make some clippies and flowers!!! YEAH!

Susan said...

i have pogs...where are they?

I think a good prayer with St. Anthony's name in it would be good. I really only pray to the Father but am sure he'd send St. Anthony on an errand as important as this.

Post an ad in your subnewspaper about the last earring. Offer a reward of something there...better than you give your kids, tho.