Teacher Appreciation Week

Imagine my surprise when I saw today's challenge...make something for Teacher Appreciation Week. Surprised b/c I had made this darling little "Fan Mail" mailbox/pouch out of an 8.5x11 inch page protector for DS#1's teacher and sent it off to school today without first taking a picture of it. It was really quite clever. Silly Sealife, blues, 17 turtles for the 17 kids in class...teacher was the whale... But tonight, I decided I'd do the challenge (for real) and take a pix of it too. haha. Here is what I did for the 2 teachers that instruct my kids.

Our PTO has come up with a clever way to get the kids involved with Teacher Appreciation Week. Last week, the room parents sen home a letter of explaination.

Monday--write a thank you note to your teacher on the stationary sent home. (I'm the room parent and so that is why I made a packet/mailbox for all the thank you notes for my son's class.)
Tuesday--wear the teacher's favorite color.
Wednesday--bring in the teacher's favorite candy.
Thursday--the PTO bought the teacher's favorite book and all the kids in the class will "autograph" it. Then it will be given to the teacher.
Friday, the room parent will be baking the teacher's favorite dessert.

Now the funny part. DD's teacher's favorite color is --- black. Can you imagine 25 kindergarteners wearing black? hehe. And DS's teacher's favorite dessert is icecream. Yeah...no baking for me...just buying a bunch of icecream and toppings.


Other exciting news....

DD has learned to ride a bike in one day! I didn't think we'd get to this day. She insisted on using a scooter throughout last year. I was a bit concerned as we were heading into warmer weather. b/c I know her friends all bike. Of course, bikes are faster than scooters. So today, I said I'd help her. And sure enough, she's really getting the hang of it! Yeah hurray. I'll see about taking pix the next time she rides!


gremhog said...

that is adorable. I want a set...get busy DD

HeyHeyPaula said...

I'm a retired teacher and I would have loved to receive these gorgeous presents. TFS. BTW I love your selection of music on your blog!

Rochelle W said...

Great gifts Dawn. The teachers will LOVE them.

Angie Z. said...

Those are fabulous! Why aren't any of my kids parents stampers? :)

Jen said...

Great news about DD! That is so exciting!

And wonderful gifts for the teachers! Thanks for the inspiration. I needed it go get going.