Now *I've* been tagged...

Thanks to BadSherry, I'm in this new flood of being tagged. haha. But this is fun and a lot less painless than the ABCs about myself. Here are 5 blogs that I browse on a daily basis.

Gremhog's Star Search

Sillybird's Stamping Diary

Just a bunch of nothin'

I Made This

Paper Daisy Chain

Ooooh...now that WAS hard to pick only 5. My list of blogs is quite long! and several of my picks were already tagged. So I changed them to make their lives easier on them...hehe...Go check these fabulous bloggers out!

And here is a chance for blog candy from Well Said Cards.


SB said...

what an honor to be in your Top 5. That's the nicest thing to happen to me all day, all week...heck ALL MONTH!

PS I am such a loser. I just mailed your prized FINALLY today. I did put something extra in there for you, because I *am* such a postal loser.

Vicki C said...

Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for the other great sites to check out! Vicki

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Dawn,

LOL :) Oops, just tagged you on my blog. You're a popular little lady! :)