Never gonna get it...

Yep...that's right. I just let another Fresh Fruit stamp set (retired--SU) slip through my fingers. I was going to rebid on it but I lost track of time and lost it. boohoo.

Here is a pix of the said set:

So, if you have this set lying around...dusty and want to give it to a good home for a reasonabe (cheap) price...you know who would be willing to take it off your hands. ME!!

EDITED: Make that TWO...2 auctions that I lost today. I need to hone my ebay skillz! haha. FYI...I'm hoping to get this set for about 15 bucks...shipped.


Heather S. said...

I think I have this one. I will have to search through all my sets again to see. I'm pretty sure I do though, I think I remember using the pear once. But not any of the others. I cannot do it today, I have too much going on, but check back with me and remind me and I'll see if I have it.

heather@hjstevens.com or hwstevens.blogspot.com

Rachel Hope said...

OY! I do that all the time...I just let some Arm and Hammer Bird cards slip through my fingers. :(

BTW: Love Toad!!!!

Anonymous said...

you should ask an active demo to cull her demo friends. Certainly someone has it, but be ready to pay about 30% above retail for it.

And why not use a bid sniper program on EBay? People are BRUTAL on Ebay. I had to stop EBay for that reason, that and the fact that someone hijacked my user name...

Robin said...

I have it, and I'll sell it to you. Are you including postage in that $15, or would you be willing to buy it for $15 + postage?


Heather S. said...

Oh good, I'm glad someone else has it. I looked and I don't have it afterall.