A short history on how I found my hobby!

In the past year and a half, I've become quite involved with rubber stamping and card making. I remember going to the house of an older woman at church who let me borrow some stamps/papers when my #1 was a baby and I was already expecting #2. I had a lot of fun making and sending out valentines that year. But then I got involved with babies and life.

Some time after my grandmother passed away, my grandfather asked me to go through the closet in the "red room" and take whatever I might like to have. On the shelves was a bunch of craft supplies and I took the few rubber stamps, a packet of markers and a couple of ink pads. I started playing with the supplies and realized that I needed more supplies to really get into this hobby. I called my friend, M**, who had a Stampin Up! party at her house about 2 years before. As it turned out, she was now a Stampin Up! (SU) demonstrator.

With more supplies and stamp sets that coordinated, I really took off. M** told me about Splitcoaststampers (SCS), a totally AWESOME stamping website. If I wasn't already hooked, I was totally sucked in after browsing around on that website.

A year and 8 months later, present day, and I'm still stamping away. I've taken over the dining room, which the kids now call "the art room." I love the new name of the room. Growing up, we called the living room "the music room," because it had a large baby grand piano in it. I certainly believe that being creative is much better than sitting in front of a computer or tv for endless hours! We spend countless hours in that room during the day. It's lovely!

Today I made a card for the Color Challenge, Tuesday's challenge on SCS. This card turned out quite nice and was am very pleased. I decided to make a card for a cyber stamping friend who has a fussy baby these days and came up with card that you see to the left. Going with the Froggie theme, I made this card. As I was almost finished, Mr. Brown arrived with a box of stamping goodies. So I will be giving the last card to my friend E**, whose orders help me get to my quarterly minimums as a SU demo.

I really enjoy making these cards and giving them away. And I'm so grateful that I have a place to upload them and admire them, long after they are gone!


gremhog said...

Mr Brown is amusing to me. I think you really need to learn his name.

Jen said...

Great story about your stamping history! Mr. Brown is visiting my house in a few days! Can't wait!

gremhog said...

oh, and my Mr. Brown...really Randy...is on a 3 week vacation. And he turns 50 next Thursday. I should make him a card! Any ideas?