Day 2...still thinking of somthing amusing to share...

But since I have this tiny following, I thought I'd better post something for you to read. If only for my mom to read since she has promised to check my blog every day.

You all probably wish you had a mom like that, don't you!

Last week, we met this nice little family that lives around the corner from us. Their kids' ages and genders match my kids' ages and genders! They have lived here just a year and are trying to sell their house. Well, right now they have 2 houses. One here and one on the west side of the state. When they sell one house, they will move to the unsold house. The husband pretty much travels all week long.

The mom and 3 kids came by tonight and invited us over and we went to their house and chatted while the kids played. It's so nice to finally find a nice, chatty friend...in the flesh. I am so hoping that the other house sells!

I don't know if that story is amusing. I guess we'll file this entry under "& Things." I could write amusing things about the neighbors that live closer to me that are not friendly. But I'll leave that to your imaginations.

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Susan said...

what is amusing to me is that these people have 2 houses and are still willing to live in whichever house does NOT sell. Very complacent.