My Buddy

Lately, my youngest son has been my buddy. He is the only one that wants to go shopping with me and we have tons of fun as we walk up and down the isle. We giggle and sing and play make believe. I love this one on one time. (The other two kids stay home with Dad.)

Tonight, he decided that it would be best if he wore one sandel and one boot. Then off we went. We went to Meijer and he saw a box of Saltine crackers which he "needed." Of course, I let him pick up a box and carry it to the checkout lane. Usually we talk to the live lobsters, but passed on that tonight. As we were walking past the pasta, he started flapping his arms. I asked him, "Are you a bird?" A nodded yes was the reply. "Oh, don't fly away!" I said to him. This of course made the gentleman next to us smile and nod his head. Later he was super helpful has he "tossed" the groceries onto the conveyor belt. I think the couple behind us in the checkout line noticed my son's peculiar footware because they kept smiling at us. Because he was so cute, my son was given 2 suckers from the check out girl.

We came home laden with treats...gogurt, cheese sticks, yogurt, saltines, tomatoes for salsa and chippies...All were his requests. The older two kids were eager to hear if their little brother got any treats for going with me. Little do they know what the real treat was...one on one time with mom and smiles and laughter.

I love my buddy!


gremhog said...

lucky buddy

Jen said...

Such a cute story! I hope you got a picture of that footwear!

Jen said...

What a great Mom! I don't know that I would let Ayla get out of the house that way. :o)

Jen G.

Tracy said...

Divine reading...Your "buddy" is a hoot and sounds like a real sweetheart just like his Mom!