Birthday Traditions

Today is My Buddy's Birthday! We have a few fun birthday traditions that I thought I'd publish in my blog.

One tradition that is unique to us is decorating the birthday person's door. I hang up their favorite colored crepe paper streamers that hang down in front of the door opening. When the birthday person awakes, there is this fun suprise to walk through all day long!

My parents started the "breakfast in bed" tradition years ago. We continue with this tradition as the kids ask for their favorite breakfast cereals/meals. I remember mom mailing me a box of Lucky Charms (or as she called them "Yucky Charms") on my birthday when I lived down in Oxford, OH. This year, #3 had yogurt ("ogurt" in his speech), fresh strawberries and milk. All of this was served on red plates with a small "You are special" bear figurine on the side. Another Hatch Batch tradition for "Red Letter Days." I already have been told all year that #1 wants "bacon, lots of bacon" for his breakfast in bed.

Our little family has the tradition of letting the kids open their birthday gifts in the morning. That way they have all day to laugh and play, laugh and play! I'm sure this will change as the kids grow older and spend more time in school and have other activities. But for now. It is really fun to watch them open their gifts in bed.

Another Hatch Batch tradition which is now ours deals with dinner. The birthday person gets to choose what meal is served. And of course, what dessert. Growing up, I picked a lot of uncommon desserts. I remember a cheesecake one year where mom spread cherries on one side and left the other side plain. Once I even asked for Baclava. Mom found a recipe, bought the varous ingredients and made it for me in a tiny kitchen in the humid month of August. I know #1 is following me in his dessert choices. This year he wants "brownies, you know that kind with the caramel inside." So I will dig out my old roommate's "Turtle Brownie" recipe and make it from scratch! YUM!

Another tradition that is being continuted is the singing of Happy Birthday...all 4 verses!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy Bithday to you!
Happy Birthday dear, ---,
Happy Birthday to you!

How old are you?
How old are you?
How old is ---
How old are you?

We love you, we do!
We love you, we do!
We love you, dear ---!
We love you, we do!

May the good Lord bless you!
May the good Lord bless you!
May the good Lord bless ---!
May the good Lord bless you!

Our newest birthday tradition was started last February by my daughter. As the cake is being served, everyone starts chanting "_____, gets the first bite! ______, gets the first bite!" And then the birthday person gets to eat the first bite of cake. While we have always waited for everyone to be served cake before digging into our own pile of sweetness, this new tradition is fun and yet another memory in the long line of memories that we collect during this earth life. I'm so glad to have all these birthday traditions and for the memories they foster.


Jen said...

Wow! You have some fun traditions!

gremhog said...

hooray for traditions.

imastampin said...

Dawn, your traditions sound like a lot of fun! I'm sure the birthday is even better because of them.