Busy Days

Have you ever had a bunch of busy days in a row where it seems like you can't get everything done that needs to be done? I'm in the middle of one of those times now. We went on vacation from Sunday through Wednesday so I missed my "clean the house Monday." It's a mess. I sure hope no one drops by unexpectedly and wants to use the bathrooms. Then I told DD that she could have a birthday party so I'm trying to figure that out and make the things that need to be made. (Anyone have Barbie doll patterns for sewing?) The laundry is an ongoing chore and you can't forget the kitchen floor that could be swept three times a day. School starts soon so I am having to gather things for that. Driving kids to friends, making appointments, returning library dvds, picking up our new caterpillars, meeting obligations, meals, changing sheets...oh wait, we do need new shoes for school...dishes..dishes and more dishes...

And that is only the start of it.

While the kids were eating their lunches today, I was on the phone trying to make sure some church assignments were covered for this Sunday. I noticed our little neighbor crossing the grass to ask us if we'd like to come out and play. So I said give us a few minutes and we'll be out there. I got off the phone, told the kids to go outside, left the dishes on the table and we basked in the late August weather. Overcast, warm, pleasant with a breeze. Until the clouds broke and the sun shined down and toasted us! My neighbor and I chatted while the dishes weren't unloaded from the dish washer. The laundry didn't get switched around, let alone folded. No one swept the kitchen floor and meat wasn't thawed for dinner. Nothing else was organized for Sunday and most certainly the bathrooms were not cleaned.

What did happen today: popcicles were eaten, confidences were made, socks were worn on the sidewalk and through the grass, bikes and scooters were ridden, teetertotters teetered, doors were left open, glitter lotion was applied (several times), another popcicle shared, construction paper was crafted into pockets using a lot of tape and then filled with flowers and leaves, chalk and bubbles were utilzed and more popcicles were eaten.

That pretty much sums up some summer days. The most enjoyable summer days. When all the really important things are let go and friendships are made and the out-of-doors are enjoyed. When dirt and messes are not frowned on and cleaning can always be done "tomorrow."


Susan said...

very poetic

Jenny said...

Good job, mom. Kids don't care if the house is clean. Years from now they probably won't remember this day, but they will hold on to the feeling that they are loved.