Brain Boy...with a heart of gold!

My oldest DS is so witty and smart and quick! He also is constantly changing names.

Last year in Kindergarten, he wanted to be called "Max." (Not his real name.) At home, it was a funny thing. But he started requesting his teacher to call him Max. Of course, she said, "I learned your name to be "C**." So that is what I'll be calling you." He would even write "Max" on his papers. After a while, "Max" went away.

Then he got into Pokemon and wanted us to call him by some creature's name. At first it was Zubat. Then Crobat. Then Typhlosion for a while. Then it changed so often, I couldn't keep up with him! Once, "Max" showed up on a paper again, months later. You just never know.

A few weeks ago, he proudly proclaimed himself to be "Brain Boy" b/c he remembered so much, so often.

He is such a neat and creative kid that we can't help but play along with his name changes. Most of all, I love how he is considerate and thoughtful and intuned to what is really important in life. C** is such a spiritual boy and hungers for scriptures and shares with everyone his knowledge of the truth. Often he asks others if they go to church. Once I was driving him and his friend to the library and his scriptures were left in the car. He started reading them to his friend and explained what the verse meant.

Last week we went to the County Fair in Wellington, Ohio which was proclaimed the "Greatest Fair in the Country." At one of the booths, the Gideons were passing out their orange New Testaments to the young kids at the fair. C** was so excited to receive one that he said "Oh wow! Now I have my very own bible and I don't have to borrow one from the library." (Meaning the library at church.) The older gentleman was so pleased to hear his innocent and sincere appreciation for the gift that he exclaimed, "Prasie the Lord for a boy like that!!"

Today he told me that once he had a test and he said a prayer b/c he didn't know if he could remember the words. Then his teacher said, you got most of them correct. What a testimony and what faith this kid has! He cares for others and he knows just when I need a hug or an "I love you." My Brain Boy has a heart of gold and I hope that never changes, even though I am sure his name will!


Jen said...

You are such a great journaler. I hope you are a scrapbooker so you can capture all these stories for a lifetime. (PS.. I don't think you meant to use C**'s full name in the second to last paragraph.)

Barbra1224 said...

Hey Dawn! You gotta tell me bout these fairs nearby! I live here and know nuthin'

NoMakeUpNoWakeUp said...

We love Brain Boy - but he's got me thinking that I need a name change too!!! :)