Losing a Pizza my Heart

In a month, I'll be losing a pizza my heart.
They tell you at your baby shower that the years fly by.
And you know it's true. You went through High School...
and then College. Yeah, they fly.

But then after a year of well..."I'm 18 and I'm an adult,
she is about to really go figure out how to be an adult.

She''ll fly a bit,
fail a bit.
Hopefully come back home...
even if it is in texts and phone calls and skypes.

She came home today...wanting to go shopping.
So I put down the dusting and sweeping my own agenda...
and we went out and bought things for her first apartment.
And I tried not to cry. I tried to be as brave as she is.
But some how...
tonight is really.

So...even though I begged off making my Thursday card...
I needed a little stamp therapy.
While I was flipping through my sets from The Project Bin,
I saw this pizza image.

She who got her first job before her big brother...at Jet's Pizza...
and has always brought home pizza and salads to us...
well..she's leaving in less than a month.

Well, I thought of this little layout..with the die from another set...whose name escapes me
but the tears who let me read too well.

Maybe I'll tuck it in to her pillow case when I walk out of her room in another state...
and not just down the hallway.

Yes...the years are far, far, far too speedy.

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