Pumpkin Decor with Dew Drops

This week we're focusing on pumpkin decor for your home! Designer Dawn is starting us off with her Dew Drop Pumpkin decor.
I found this fun square frame at the local dollar store and created this cute pumpkin decor using some of my favorite products from Robin's Nest.
Here's what you'll need:
Here's what you do:
  1. Cut patterned paper to size of frame and use Ultra-Thin Glue Dots to adhere the patterned paper to the back of the frame.
  2. Cut out a pumpkin shape using scissors and orange card stock.
  3. Center the pumpkin in the frame and use Ultra-Thin Glue Dots to adhere it to the patterned paper.
  4. Add the flat leaf embellishments with Ultra-Thin Glue Dots. Keeping things flat under the glass, place patterned paper in the frame.
  5. On the outside of the glass, use Craft Glue Dots to adhere dew drops or other button-like embellishments on top of the orange
  6. pumpkin shape, filling it in.
  7. Embellish with flowers using Pop Up Glue Dots and curl the stems around a pencil to get a spiral shape. Insert trinket pins behind
  8. flowers, sticking them through the Pop Up Glue Dots.
  9. Cut out tag and stamp with sentiment. Secure the tag onto the frame with Pop Up Glue Dots. Add a brad and embroidery floss for embellishment.
  10. Make a bow with long strands using ribbon and use Craft Glue Dots to adhere it to the corner of the frame. Form bumps in the ribbon and use Mini Glue Dots to hold the strands in place.

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Scrapper69 said...

So neat and creative!