Kids Craft: Jack O Lantern

This jack o lantern comes together easily, with no messes or burned fingers, when you use Glue Dots! Your little ones will be pleased to show off their creation on their door knobs for Halloween!
Jack O Lantern Kids Craft possibly life style photo better copy
Made By: Dawn Mercedes Barrett
Time: 20 minutes plus drying time
Level: Quick and Easy
Size: 8.5" x 5"
 Jack O Lantern Kids Craft supplies dmb copy
Here's what you need:
 Here's what you do:Use your electronic die cutting machine to cut out jack o' lantern faces from black card stock. 
With sharp scissors, cut four craft sticks to 4.5” in length. Set aside.
Use Removable Dots to temporarily secure the other 7 craft sticks to a piece of scrap card stock. This will keep the craft sticks from sliding and young kids will not need to pick them up.  Thus, less mess! 
Jack O Lantern Kids Craft removable tip dmb copy
Use a foam brush to paint one side of the craft sticks. Allow to dry.
Jack O Lantern Kids Craft painted dmb copy
Flip the craft sticks over, painted side down and take off the Removable Dots. Next, closely line them up, side by side. Apply Craft Dots along one of the 4.5 “ sticks (the ones you cut earlier and set aside).  Lay it perpendicular and centered across the 7 painted sticks.  Follow with  two more cut sticks above and below the center bracket.
Jack O Lantern Kids Craft assembly dmb copy
Take two long pipe cleaners. Twist them together to create a two toned, Halloween colored handle. Bend into an inverted u shape. Add Pop Up Dots along the last cut stick.  Jack O Lantern Kids Craft handle dmb copyCurl the pipe cleaner ends around the stick and sandwich the handle between the layers of the top bracket that you placed on the back of your jack o' lantern.  Press firmly, to ensure that the Pop-Up dots adhere.Jack O Lantern Kids Craft handle detail dmb copy
Flip the decoration back to the painted side. Using Craft Dots, adhere your silhouette face to complete the jack o' lantern. Jack O Lantern Kids Craft finished white bkgr dmb copy
This is a fun Halloween project for preschoolers and young children.  After a little help from adults in material prepping, they can have a successful hands on experience in building and decorating this jack o' lantern door hanger!


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