Happy Half Birthday to Me!!

Today is my half birthday!
A silly day where I can celebrate myself!
Only this year, I will be laid up with a sprained ankle. haha
But that's even more fun, right!
Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation...
A reason to lounge around.

Plus, our second snow day in a row due to unshoveled side streets.

So...why not have an update on Dawn.
Running, for me...is out.
Instead, I started swimming and boy...
I am enjoying swimming.  I try to swim 3 mornings a week at the local high school pool.  Typically I swim 1800-2100 yards...and it takes an hour.  Though, after taking a month off due to illness, holidays, funerals, and piles of snow, it has been hard to get back into the rythm.  And...yesterday was a snow day...so that ruled out one more day.  But, I'm looking forward to Wednesday!  

For Christmas, I received a ukulele from Ken and I have been enjoying the time to practice and play.  
My singing is probably so far off key...haha...so much of the time. 
But I never said I was a good singer...I just enjoy singing!  

Still on several design teams.
Just love playing with supplies and meeting new people/working with other crafty gals...
and promoting products.  It's a win/win situation. Only swimming and the desire to play the uke sometimes squeezes out my craft time! haha. Isn't that funny!
My design teams: Glue Dots ®, Pretty Cute Stamps, Eyelet Outlet.
I also help host the Friday Challenge at Splitcoaststampers and I hope moderate the Swap forum too!

I am the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's Program at church.
I'm finally getting busy and able to share and develop there.   Sadly, there are only a few beehives...very few.  So, I am praying for new move ins with girls who are ages 11-13. 
Not only that I still get to play the piano the 2nd hour of Church in Primary.
I love playing the piano too! Once again, I"m not the best pianist...but I sure love it!
I often get to substitute as the ward choister.  Which is another enjoyable job I get to join in on!

Lately, I typically listen to the scriptures on my phone before I got to sleep and just before I get out of bed every morning.  And...2015...I am searching for  the spiritual gifts that I have been given.
That's my goal.  

A couple other "goals" which I have set out to do:
Buy a new decorative item each month for the house.
January...sort of lame....but two sets of decorative magnets for Valentines and St. Patrick's Day.
Stop eating sugar daily...
That is a non starter. haha. I get to 9pm and then gorge!
Probably paint some rooms this year.  If I can decide on colors. 

I still walk Snoopy, the neighbor's beagle, every school day.
And I have started a visual art journal in a 2015 calendar.
Every day, I will watercolor one square. I started 1/31...so it's still a really new thing for me.  
I should get back to doing physical therapy exercises b/c my hip tends to get sore. 
Again...will power and dediation, am I right?

Well, another half year done!  

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Robin Clendenning said...

Happy half year birthday!! Hope you got some crafting done since you're laid up!