My Alma Mater


When I was a high school senior, I didn't put much thought into the next phase of schooling.  I knew I was going to college.  But I wasn't filling out applications.  My parents handed me an application for Brigham Young University. Not that they wanted me to go there. But I needed something to fall back on.  My boy friend's parents handed me an application for Miami University. They also probably saw that I really wasn't sure what I was doing.  I also applied to Otterbein College.  Of course, I got into all three.

And...I really did not want to go to Brigham Young University. 
My parents had taught me to be strong and true. I didn't want to go to a church school. I wanted to go and be and try on my own.  Otterbein was private and far too expensive.  Miami, luckily...was amazing.  And beautiful. Five hours away from home...it was my chance to go and be and decide for myself.

And that is just what I did. 
Oh, I'm sure I made mistakes here and there.
But, in the end, I came out stronger, a little heart broken, 
and eager for an adventure (in Europe),
but my testamony of the gospel of Jesus Christ was cemented. 
I knew who I was and what I would stand for.

And I had gone to a public ivy, with gorgeous architecture...
in a mostly secluded small town atmosphere...
with friends and a Church family who cared about me.

Was Miami University the best university?
it is my opinion, that where ever you go...
THAT unversity is the BEST university or college or trade school.
It is that span of years in your young adult life where you are on your own, and when you need to decide how you want that life to grow and develop.
Just decide for yourself and decide well.

Thank you, Miami University for giving the education,
the adventure in Europe,
the protection and peace of your campus. Thanks to Oxford, Ohio...
for the townies and churches and society that helps keep Miami growing strong.

I'm a proud Redskin...and I guess by default a Redhawk!


(and I do need a t-shirt!)

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