May Day Tea Lights

Happy May Day everyone!!

I have a sweet flower that you can make using Glue Dots ® adhesives that will last 
throughout the entire year!!

Advanced Strength Glue Dots ®
Silk Flower Petals (or...make your own by dismantling a flower)
4 plastic spoons
battery powered tea light

1.  First, cut apart your faux flowers.  Cut the bottom edge of each petal into a curve.
2. Use pliers to cut the handles off the plastic spoons.
3.  Using Advanced Strength Glue Dots®, adhere a petal onto each of the spoon backs.
4.  Place two Advanced Strength Glue Dots ® on top of one another to form a thicker glue dot, and then adhere the spoons to the tea light. The extra helps with the curve of the spoons.  The spoons should be evenly spaced around the tea light.
5.  Glue additional petals around the base of the tea light to form the "flower."  Fill any gaps. It will take about two more rows of petals.

So pretty, right!  
Remember to add in one of those faux leaves to keep the theme going.
Won't these be great for Valentine's Day too!


Marie97 said...

Very pretty! And easy with those glue dots :) TFS from BIF

Susan said...

You are amazing! so very delicate and pretty

Sukie said...

Beautiful project! Thanks so much for the great tutorial! I just love my glue dots for everything!

Tina said...

Oh WOW this is just beautiful and stunning, I will definitely be having a go at this. Thank you so much for sharing and I will of course credit you with the inspiration! Hugs Tina X popping in from the Crafters blog it forward ladder. NEW FOLLOWER xx

Vanessa said...

this flowers are amazing, very well done!