The Easter Bunny

Ken and the 2 older kids arrived home from the church youth night. I happened to be walking by the front door and I went to flip on the outside house lights b/c it was dark. Then I realized that C* was just standing on the step.

I opened the door and found out that WE HAD BEEN EGGED!!

E* ran outside before I even realized what was happening! 
I am so grateful for this Easter Bunny who has made our Easter fun.

It was sort of a bummer for me this year.
My kids love the fun of an egg hunt (or any make believe thing, or booing, etc). But the years of bubbles and sidewalk chalk and little kid board games are gone.  There isn't much that one can buy inexpensively for older kids.

A* thought this was SO CREATIVE!!

Well..yes, everyone grabbed the peeps and shoved them in their mouths. 
There were caramel Cadbury eggs that were devoured.

In fact, once they figured out that there peeps, they stopped searching for the 12th egg.
(I found it by the tree!)

Inside each egg was a glow stick...and jelly beans.
One EXTRA LARGE plastic egg held home made treats!

Thank you, EASTER BUNNY!

This is actually going to be a grand Easter. 
The Local Easter Bunny hid all the eggs this afternoon when the kids were at school
in the most hidden places. They are going to be finding eggs for weeks! lol

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