Love Note

I just received this email from my 14 year old son:

I love you. You are a magnificent person.  I wouldn't want another person to be my mom in the whole world.  You teach me more than other parents do.  You taught me that I will not always get what I want. You are the strongest person I know.  I want to be more like you.  I want to give you a gift.  I don't know whether you liked the Rainbow Road song, but here it is.  I hope that it will help you when you go running next. 

Oh wow...what a great way to end a Sunday! (And he attached a Monster Cat song. He enjoys telling me all about this genre of music!


Adrienne said...

So sweet. The best gift a mother could get! (The words, not the music...but I'm sure that's great too!)

Susan said...

That is amazing...and so very special. I hope Ev gave you the message about tuning to 51 when Con is in the car with you. Glad to read you survived yesterday. Love you ... ditto to all Con wrote

Starla said...

Awwww!!What a sweet boy not being afraid to express his love for you!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late on visiting, but this was the most beautiful blog post ever. You should be proud of yourself for raising such a great young man. God bless you.