E to his Mom:

Don't you kinda think we have had enough snow days already?  It's getting boring...

Date:  Snow Day 6...with 10 Christmas vacation days in there too....snort!  Oh how I love lazy, do nothing, snow days. I'm not complaining. You will never hear me complain about them!!

Update:  By dinner, he was singing a different tune. I guess it was a passing thought...lol.


Diane said...

Oh my that is a lot of snow, but just think now you can stay indoors and be crafty.

Hugs Diane

ddazzled71 said...

Happy New Year Dawn.....I have been watching and hearing all about your crazy cold weather in the States, here on the otherside of the world we are having extreme heat.....its hard for me to imagine what living with all this snow is like. It looks like you could have your own little cross country snowboarding coarse right there in your front yard.