Frilly Fun!

This card is sure to tickle your funny bone.

The frilly Panther Pink Rumple Ribbon bow from Lovebug Creations is sure to get you sashaying 
to the music in your head...lol..or on your phone.  
Either way, sashay your way to the LBC store site to order your favorite colors now! 

There is always a dance party going on over at the Lovebug Lounge! 
Come join us soon!!


Susan said...

laughter needed today and got it! thanx.

Lovebug Creations said...

Hehehe...this is tu-tu cute! And I adore your panther pink bow!!!

Bug hugs,

Unknown said...

Very cute! This makes me smile!

Pamela Lash said...

This is tutu sweet - love the textures and colors!!