Listening to that still small voice...

I have been taught to listen to that still, small voice.
All my life.
Despite whatever I am doing, whenever I am doing it.
Listen and Act.

Today...I was making dinner.  With an extra kid in the house, 2 hungry runners, chores, games, homework...
meat that looked a little too grey to really eat so I threw it out and defrosted more...
for Beef Stroganoff which I know 3/5 of the family doesn't want mushrooms.
But once in a while, they can suffer so I (and C**) can enjoy them!

So, during my dinner preparations, my eldest son came into the kitchen to read me a passage he had written in his Kindergarten Memory book about Thanksgiving. He thought it was super funny.  And I listened to him and watched his face and he flipped through this over sized book. 

The teacher had kept projects and glued in something from each month.
A letter from me to her at the beginning of the year.
A poem and kind words from her.

Picutres and projects...bound together.

So without thinking, I wiped my hands clean...INSISTED that he pose for a pix (despite his moaning about the zits on his forehead)...and sent it off to Mrs. G* in a short email letting her know that we still had the book, that we were all enjoying it today, and thanking her for the good start of his academic career.

I was not prepared for the email in response...

Hi Dawn,
This email could not have come at a better time for me. I'm feeling just a little bit overwhelmed this year.  I remember C** and your family well. I've always said that when I get invited to your graduation that this book had better be by the cake. Its certainly a labor of love so I'm glad you appreciated it. Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending it. I hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for the smile.

Cindy G**

So, remember...
Listen and Act
when you are prompted.
You probably won't know when you are making someone's day,
or helping them out,
or cheering them up.

But once in a while, you will.
And Listening and Acting is one talent that I will always be developing.


Susan said...

it is you, that you listened and acted. it is a gift. and a gift is always welcomed.

Marie97 said...

Sweet! I used to do journals with all of my daycare children and I always wondered if they were appreciated. What a lovely moment....listening to your son reflecting and letting his teacher know. TFS from BIF

Starla said...

Awwww!! I bet his teacher sooo appreciated the little time it took to send her that note!!
Good reminder to listen to that small voice inside of us!

Cara said...

All I can do is smile ... what a sweet story and I thank you for sharing! Hugs

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

That is lovely Dawn!

Great Grandma Lin said...

good for you. I was reading and hoping that you didn't put the spoiled meat in the dish...lol! But you did something better-encouraging a teacher!

Haidee said...

I bet his teacher was so appreciated the little time it took to send her that note!!
Thanks for sharing the story.
from BIF group

Sukie said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet story with us! BIF

Kimberly Pate | KP Kre8tions said...

What a great story, that brought tears to my eyes.