What a kid!

This kid is such a dear one!

Because his older siblings are so involved with sports, double sports, and getting As, he has picked up the slack and helped with chores.  He's happy and smiley...often.

After school, he regales me with interesting facts and new found knowledge that he has gleaned from his new teacher.  Today it ranged from why it is important that the earth is on an axis...to what the color of your Pee means. Lol.  He compliments my cooking. 
He is thoughtful to his teacher. When he heard that it was his birthday, he was sure to ask me for a card...write a kind, thoughtful note in it...and presented it to the teacher the next day.  

He goes to bed without being told...gets up on his own...makes his own lunch...
says the loveliest and most thoughtful prayers...

And..He is a math mind. Tonight at dinner, the three kids and I were figuring out a fraction that would be between 1/4 and 1/5.  lol.  Three mathletes in the same family!  
Hugs and kisses and ...he trusts me with his beloved stuffed animals.  

What else could a mother wish for!
(Yes, more time, more years, more memories...but we are working on that...he and me...we.)

Now...as a reward, he's logging on to Minecraft (Mineless Craft)...and I'm running to Walgreens to buy a packages of Hershey kisses to make peanut butter blossoms while we enjoy (hopefully) a new show on TV.  

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