Hugs Sand Kisses WINNER!!

 Debbie O'Neal said...
Adorable project...love that seahorse ! I grew up a water kid too between our beach house and Our pool at home I was always wet! Dad used to tease me that I had gills. Still try and swim as much as I can . Thanks for chance to win a prize. I follow you on FB

 That's right, Debbie.
You're the winner of a $5 Gift Certificate to Lovebug Creations!! 
Please email me at dawn_mercedes at yahoo dot com so I can get you that prize!  

By the way, I gave that box to my niece to enjoy since she made a lovely paper box complete with a set of 5 tongue depressor puppets of my family. My 40th bday gift. Handmade gifts are always so enjoyable!


Cara said...

Hi There ... This box is so cute, and I am sure your niece loves it!
Thanks for the nice comment you left on my hydrangea card!
I am returning the favor! I signed up to follow you.

D- said...

Congrats Debbie!
Oh my goodness what a fun gift. I bet the puppets are cute.