Glitter Swirl August

This month, Glitter Swirl, in all its shades, is 20% off at The Robin's Nest.  As I was starting my cards, my friend  admiringly said "This paper speaks for itself."  So..with that, I kept the cards simple so you, too, could admire the glitz swirl of Glitter Swirl Cardstock!

I used Simply Red Rumple Ribbon from Lovebug Creations.
The rose gives it a bit of a vintage feel.

Cut your Swirl paper to 10.5 x 3.75 inches. 
Score in half.
Cut plain black card stock to 5.5 x 4 inches.
Mount your base on the black card stock.

I used Craft Glue Dots © to create this belly band around the entire card.
Use more Glue Dots © to add the embellies and tag.
But use Removable Glue Dots © to secure the band to the front of the card.
This way, it will stay in place, yet still be easily removable 
when it is time to open the card and read its contents.

For my second card, I used Black Glitter Swirl on White.
The embellishments are silver on this more contemporary looking card.

Which do you prefer?
Vintage Red and gold...
or Contemporary Blue and silver?

But wait...There are at least ten swirl patterns to choose from.
Be sure to add some to your next purchase from The Robin's Nest!

Let me know what your favorite is!!


http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

I agree with your friend Dawn the paper is beautiful so it does not need overdoing.
I'm a blue and silver girl tonight!

Starla said...

P.S..I tend to be a blue and silver gal, but the red is striking too!

MiamiKel said...

Get out! These are just darling!! What a terrific card pattern, even for the Christmas season!

Unknown said...

They are both stunning - but I have always been partial to silver and blue :-)

Lynn McAuley said...

Pretty papers beautifully embellished!

Zella said...

Your friend was right - the paper does speak for itself. Love both of them - I'm not sure I could choose one over the other to be honest. They are both so beautiful!!!!